Let's Re-Invent Urban Mobility

Urban mobility is at the dawn of a revolution and we will enable you to benefit from it. Together we will create smarter mobility, better adapted to the city and your needs.

JoynJoyn is a mobility assistant for your day-to-day life. It helps you visualize, in real-time, the best shared mobility options available around you.

Around Me

JoynJoyn is available 24/7 and easy to use. At one glance, get a clear view on all the mobility solutions available around you !


Joyn Joyn is the most comprehensive assistant. Our recommendations include the most relevant mobility solutions in Brussels: (shared) car, (shared) bike, shared scooters, train, tramway, subway, taxi, bus, walk or any combination of these.


Through the usage of the latest technologies, Joyn Joyn takes into account all contextual information to make your trip as enjoyable as possible.


At anytime you can customize the App in order to only see your preferred mobility solutions.


Sometimes it makes more sense to combine several transportation modes. JoynJoyn will take this into consideration to improve your trip.


Forget the long queues at the kiosk or the clinking coins in your pocket. JoynJoyn will soon offer you the possibility to buy your ticket and save it on your smart phone.

How does it work ?

JoynJoyn shows you in real time all the mobility solutions that are available around you to get you to your destination.

Mobility Solutions

The following mobility solutions are today available with JoynJoyn . Detailed description of the services is available here.
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