Joyn Joyn is a personal mobility assistant for the day-to-day. That is to say, it aims to help you in your mobility choices, every day. It is personal: Joyn Joyn will consider your preferences to share the best possible recommendations based on your profile and information you have communicated. Joyn Joyn relies on information available in real time to perform its calculations. Joyn Joyn will compile a maximum of information at the time of the request, and will take into account the location of the user. Joyn Joyn will introduce you to intelligent mobility!

Joyn Joyn is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. He is always with you and ready to use. Joyn Joyn is available via a chatbot (to be found on Messenger), via an IOS and Android application and via an API easily integrated on various platforms.

The quality of the shared recommendations is very important to Joyn Joyn. Joyn Joyn integrates different types of modes of transport. For example, car, shared car, bike, shared bike, train, tram, subway, bus, walk or any combination of these. Joyn Joyn® is proud to integrate international solutions as well as local players.The modes of transport currently integrated are:

STIB-MIVB: STIB- MIVB is a public-sector entity, charged by the Brussels-Capital Region to organize the operation of public transport on its territory. Its objective is to promote the development of mobility in Brussels. The STIB network consists of 4 metro lines, 17 tram lines and 50 bus lines (+11 Noctis night bus lines). Some 1,200 vehicles circulate on these lines, 7 days a week, 20 hours a day.

Taxis Verts: Taxis Verts is a company specializing in the transport of people and the express transport of mail and parcels up to 20m3. Nearly 500 taxis and 120 vans are available in the Brussels-Capital region, in the peripheral municipalities of the Brussels agglomeration as well as throughout Belgium or abroad (neighboring countries). Taxis Verts offers fast quality service, as well as personalized service tailored to each particular need.

Cambio: Cambio is a shared car service. Cambio promises you a car where you want, whenever you want! After a quick and easy registration on the Cambio website, and a confirmation of registration, you can book a car, by phone, internet or via the Cambio app 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. reservations well in advance or at the last minute. Once the reservation is made, you pick up your car at the chosen station. The vehicle opens with your personal card. Each month you receive an invoice with all your bookings and the costs related to your travel are recorded in detail. Cambio is economical and ecological.

ZenCar: ZenCar “zero emission – zero noise” is a car rental service on carsharing in Brussels. ZenCar offers a varied fleet of 100% electric vehicles that respect the environment: compact, utility, urban or high-end vehicles. ZenCar is making the rent of a shared car easy, convenient and electric. The procedure to benefit from this service is simple: registration, reservation, use. With ZenCar, you can benefit from a parking space near your offices for only 21 euros per day excluding VAT. ZenCar has an offer dedicated to students and is positioned as the best solution for students looking for easy and ecological mobility in Brussels.

Villo!: Villo! is the shared bike service in Brussels, available in the 19 communes of the capital. Villo! Is a self-service rental system, very easy to use and available 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. Users can choose a subscription (long-term card) or a temporary ticket (7 days or 1 day). On presentation of this ticket or subscription, users can remove their bike directly at the terminal. Users can then return the bike to any terminal by attaching it. The bikes offered for rent are comfortable and manageable. They have been designed to withstand bad weather and intensive use.

Uber: Uber energizes Brussels. Your race on request. Wherever you want to go, the Uber app puts you in touch with a reliable, safe and economical driver in minutes. You pay for your race automatically via the application: forget the liquid! The application offers 3 options: UberX, Uber at minimum prices; UberBlack, the original Uber; UberVan, place for all. For a more connected and less congested world. Uber is not a carrier. It is not necessary to leave a tip. The fixed prices are applicable to the direct races between the specified places. Any additional stop can increase the price of the race. Applicable tolls and surcharges may be added to the fare. Rates change during peak demand times to ensure vehicle availability.

SNCB-NMBS: the Belgian national railway company is the company that manages the infrastructure and operates the Belgian rail network. Mobility is a right for all and a daily need, to get to work, school or leisure time. SNCB-NMBS wants to offer all its customers secure, reliable and sustainable mobility from door to door. Between major centers, in suburban areas, and also to serve more rural areas. The SNCB-NMBS’ ambition is to take its passengers by train, in a safe, punctual and comfortable way; manage, maintain and renew trains in an efficient and judicious manner; to offer a friendly welcome in functional stations. SNCB-NMBS is aimed at individuals and companies (corporate) for a national or international service.

TEC: TEC regroups 5 public transport companies active on the territory of the Walloon Region: TEC Brabant Wallon, TEC Charleroi, TEC Hainaut, TEC Liège-Verviers and TEC Namur-Luxembourg. The TEC is positioned as an actor of mobility, economic, social and sustainable development in Wallonia. The TEC group is nearly 2,500 vehicles put daily to the service of the population through 777 lines across Wallonia. The TEC subscribes to the principles of sustainable development and wants to contribute to its emergence, in order to leave a viable land for future generations. TECs offer different price formulas: unitary title, multi-course ticket or subscription. The price varies according to the title chosen and the length of the journey to be traveled. There is also the possibility of combining its TEC ticket with a ticket from another public transport network (eg STIB-MIVB).

DriveNow: DriveNow is a shared car service from car manufacturer BMW and Sixt car rental company. DriveNow promises a new way to enjoy Brussels thanks to 310 Mini and BMW cars. The cars are waiting for you at any time of the day and ready to take you anywhere in Brussels, quickly and comfortably and inexpensively. DriveNow lets you rent a car just when you need it. The user has the choice between 5 models of BMW and MINI. At the destination, the user drops the car in the activity zone. To benefit from DriveNow you have to register and download the application. DriveNow offers flexible rates (0.33ct / min) – this rate includes fuel, parking, vehicle tax and insurance.

Billy : Billy bikes are shared bikes in Brussels. These bikes are electric and you can pick them up and drop anywhere in Brussels. There is no terminal, you can leave the bikes anywhere. It’s your smartphone that controls the bike! E-bikes are the fastest mode of transportation in Brussels. For trips of less than 3km, the bike is faster than any other means of transport. Billy bikes are easy to use, as they are electric, you easily reach a speed of 25 km/hour. Billy’s prices are competitive, they are based on the price of other public transport in Brussels. After registration and validation, all use is easily done through the application.

De Lijn: De Lijn is the smart travel companion for travel throughout Flanders. De Lijn is close to its passengers thanks to a wide range of sustainable and quality transport solutions where safety, reliability and efficiency are the main concerns. De Lijn is an important interlocutor of the Flemish public authorities in the development of the mobility policy and thus supports economic, ecological and social development. Travelers wishing to travel on De Lijn lines can subscribe to a subscription or use one-way tickets. In addition to the regular lines, De Lijn also offers passengers night lines, a dedicated line at the Belgian coast, and transport to events.

TaxiStop: TaxiStop manages different mobility services. The car pool offer is available in different variants: Schoolpool, for parents wishing to organize ridesharing to the school; CozyCar, for friends who want to share a car in common; Carpool, to easily find a carpool partner, regular or occasional; Eventpool, to gather different people who go to the same event or festival.

EuropCar:EuropCar is a rental service for cars and commercial vehicles in Belgium. EuropCar is aimed at individuals and businesses. Save time with the online registration service. From small city cars to luxury cars, minibuses and vans, EuropCar offers a wide choice of rental options.

Scooty: Scooty offers shared and self-service electric scooters. Thanks to Scooty, you can now locate, book and drive an electric scooter without a key! All you need is the Scooty app and therefore your smartphone. You pay as long as you ride. Electric scooters are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. They are offered with 2 helmets. The user must have a B permit and will be insured during the rental. Scooty scooters are electric, 100% green and quiet.

C-TEC: C-Tec offers to be the best partner of organizations for the management of professional fleets of bicycles and light electric vehicles from A to Z. C-Tec presents itself as the most efficient solution for uncluttered and friendly cities, with less CO2 and more well-being. C-Tec manages combined car / bike leasing solutions and more. C-Tec integrates soft and electric mobility for the well-being of employees. C-Tec manages on-site mobility (business & events) and offers solutions for all situations.

BePark : BePark is a parking service that allows you to find a parking space easily. It’s simple, fast and flexible. Via the BePark website, you can search for the parking space you are interested in, reserve it and then simply come and park there. BePark is a parking solution to simplify your life! BePark is available for individuals and businesses.

ZipCar: ZipCar offers shared, self-service, cars in Brussels. ZipCar is an alternative to car rental, ideal for short trips. Thanks to ZipCar, take a car and leave it where you want. After a quick registration via the website or the application (you will need your identity card, driving license and credit card), you will have access to a hundred cars all over Brussels. At the wheel, you are free to go wherever you want, but at the end of your trip, you must always bring the ZipCar to the ZipCar area.

Ubeeqo: Ubeeqo is a shared car service in Brussels.To enjoy a Ubeeqo vehicle, you must first create your user account, then you can download the application for optimal use of the Ubeeqo service. You can book a car via the app or the website. To open the rented car, you will need the app on your smartphone or your Ubeeqo card. Customer service is available to users. At the end of your journey, you must bring the car back to its starting point.

Pickme-Up: Pickme-up is an efficient system to book a driver instantly or in advance in Brussels, with a price estimate. The user has the choice between 4 types of vehicles: economy, business, minivan or luxury minivan and will receive information about the driver. Cars are everywhere in Brussels and serve the train stations and the airport. The use of the app is easy and fast: in 10 seconds you can book a driver. Secure payment goes through credit card. Pickme-Up has set up a sponsorship system.

oBike: oBike offers a simple, economical and eco-friendly urban mobility solution, thanks to its system of unlimited self-service bicycles, available everywhere, at any time. oBike is a fast and sustainable alternative to car journeys, faced with congestion in city centers, and transit journeys requiring several changes. To use an oBike, you must register and download the application, pay a deposit (currently on promotion: 5 euros) and add credit to your account (5 euros also). Then just book an oBike and unlock it with the app. The cost is 0.5 euro per half hour (or 1 euro / hour). With the “subscription” formula, users have no time limit. At the end of the journey, you must park your bike on the sidewalk, without disturbing the pedestrians, and lock it manually.